Even longer than lately, I’ve been finding myself feeling SO ‘over it.’ What is the ‘it’ of which I’ve been feeling ‘over?’ ‘It’ is the continuing choice-making that creates any inward feeling of enslavement in its many (but not all) ways, shapes and forms. So the time has come to go public…to chronicle and share the (somewhat) private process of “ascension” out of this choice-making pattern…in a very public manner. What do I mean by ascension? I use this term to indicate the personal vision of moving myself vertically up and out of the morass that constitutes the prevailing survival and security memes of the current 3D consensus reality that I’m still participating in. We all know the primary memes: “keeping a roof over our head;” “putting food on the table;” “working to make a living;” “compromise;” “negotiate;” “giving to get;” and the more subtle “progressing in my spiritual development.” Not that I haven’t had enough experience working with these memes; I’ve been on this path to freedom for more than fifteen years. But why the felt urgency now, more than ever before? Because I’m dying…I’m dying to LIVE! I’m dying to BE ME (thank you, Anita Moorjani, for your inspiring title)! I’m dying to everything that I THOUGHT I knew about the REASONS for why anything was, or had to be, any way in particular. More than anything, though, I’m dying to (re)experience the absolute and total freedom TO BE…and to know myself once and for all as the sovereign, liberated CEO of my soul and its felt mission. I have decided to expose myself to public scrutiny by excavating and disposing of all remaining masks and filters which keep me from inhabiting this liberated state…a state that I have come to know as available to ALL of us. Yes, it is available to all of us…and it has been chronicled and experienced by a number of individuals whom we venerate today as spiritual ‘masters.’ If you find yourself on a similar journey of ascension and self-liberation, perhaps you’ll visit me from time to time as I explore the themes of relationships, health, work, money and creativity and their unique roles in assisting all of us move towards the personal freedom of our dreams.

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